Liberté, egalité y arepa

                        Liberte, egalite y arepa. This book is a diary of observations on Latin – American culture, from the point of vier Latin – American expats. Multiple screens and everyday narratives on social subjects such as race, identity and the blending of cultures (mentizaje) are illustrate. The concept of the book consist on a mix of conversations, essays and stories from contemporary and non contemporary Latin-American writers.   


What is white privilege?

                        Liberte, egalite y arepa. The intention of the book is to celebrate Latin –  American culture and at the same time, to drive attention to the main problems in our society. With current waves of racism and far right movements that have been awaking over the last years, it is necessary to stand up and make a point for diversity.    


Mejor no ir, mejor quedarse, mejor no pero si vamos, si no nos quedamos.

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